LG & Hyundai IONIQ Concept Cabin

Hyundai Presents its IONIQ Concept Cabin with 77-inch OLED Screen

Hyundai has unveiled its IONIQ Concept Cabin, a vision of dedicated EV in-car customer experiences, including a massive 77-inch flexible OLED screen.

Hyundai and LG might very well have found one of the most innovative ways to maximize the extra space left by the absence of a combustion-based powerplant in EVs.

Dubbed as the IONIQ Concept Cabin, the product features many modern-day utility services, taking the overall comfort of EVs up a few notches.

At first glance, the aspect garnering the most attention is the 77-inch OLED display with headrest-embedded speakers, providing a premium quality audio experience.

Besides, the aforementioned OLED display covers most parts of the interior ceiling providing an immersive experience. This screen can also be split into two different parts to provide custom content simultaneously per each passenger’s choice and equipped with hand-gesture features. The passengers will also be able to decide the curvature of the screen, helping to adjust the optimum viewing angle.

LG & Hyundai IONIQ Concept Cabin

Other additional features are quite interesting. They include a capsule coffee machine, a wardrobe manager for wrinkle-free clothes, an extra compartment specially dedicated to revitalizing wet shoes, and even a mini-fridge.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the IONIQ Concept Cabin includes a sliding bar, helping clean the floor when the passengers are not seated. Now add to that a disinfecting UV light, and you’ve got a ride that can boast of providing a germ-free experience.

IONIQ 5 will be Hyundai’s first dedicated EV, featuring the aforementioned luxuries. The vehicle is slated for an early release next year, and it’s safe to say that it will most probably find a lot of customers vying for its luxurious interiors.

Source: LG

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