Hyundai Teases New Kona

Hyundai Teases its Refreshed 2022 Kona Compact Crossover

Hyundai teased a glimpse of its new KONA and KONA N Line SUVs, reflecting its new “Sensuous Sportiness” global design identity.

With a shark-inspired nose and a wider stance, Hyundai’s new Kona model looks sleeker than ever. With its embedded with daytime running lights (DRL), the South Korean manufacturer tried to give its upcoming SUV a more tech-savvy look. Besides, the car’s bumper, along with a front skid plate, tends to provide a tougher visual overall.

According to Hyundai Motors’ official statement, its new offering has a more aerodynamic design, thanks to its lean crease lines and corner fins. The carmaker aims to make its new range of SUVs more appealing to a broader range of customers around the world.

Hyundai states that the new Kona N line’s design expresses their new “Sensuous Sportiness global design identity,” whatever that means. The car has been touted to have received a more sporty and urban look from its developers. This, in turn, as has been said before, should help Hyundai’s new SUV lineup develop an identity of its own.

Although officially released a couple of years ago, the new Kona will be completely redesigned and should sport a much more sophisticated look.

From what we’ve seen, the SUV’s features look pretty sharp and appealing so far. However, the pictures released by the manufacturer don’t show that much. We’ll just have to keep our eyes for more details as Hyundai promised to release further information about the design and the overall build in the coming weeks.


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