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Is Toyota Building a Hypercar? New Patent for GR Super Sports Says Yes

The long wait for Toyota fans is coming to an end – the GR Super Sports inches closer to production.

Toyota is one of the world’s largest carmakers, mostly known for its reliable family cars. But let’s forget that this company also gave us many iconic sports. The Supra, MR2, and AE86, to name a few, already have a cult following.

Toyota also actively competes on 24h Le Mans via its Gazoo Racing subsidiary, and will now enter the hypercar class. The hypercar category belongs to a new set of rules, and it will replace the LMP1 class. These vehicles will have a hybrid motor with around 1000 horsepower.

Moreover, the FIA regulations say that these cars must have a road-legal version. Thus, the GR (Gazoo Racing) Super Sports. Toyota first introduced the racecar as a concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2018.

Toyota already patented various bits of the car, which suggests that they are close to production. The latest patent is for a canopy-like door and roof mechanism, like in many race cars. Nonetheless, a canopy door is unusual for a road-legal vehicle. Obviously, the GR Super Sport will feature a peculiar way to enter the cabin.

It will open upwards and forwards and will have special latches to secure it in place. It sounds cool and all, but what happens when it rains? The interior will get wet, along with your pricey suit. You might need to find a covered parking space for the GR Super Sport, that’s for sure.

Toyota GR Super Sport canopy patent

Toyota GR Super Sport canopy patent

Still, Toyota submitted another patent for the latch. The mechanism should make entering and exiting a little easier. Well, that is a lot of attention given to comfort. The GR Super Sports is still a racing car that can fly over 200mph on the French race track. Having said that, the hypercar is still a Toyota, a brand known for comfort and ease of use.

While detailed production details are scarce, Toyota confirmed that it would use hybrid propulsion. At the Auto Salon, they also unveiled that the GR Super Sport has the same parts as the TS050 LMP1 racecar. In other words, it will have a powerful twin-turbo V6 engine, aided by electric motors.

It will be fast; you shouldn’t worry about that. The GR Super Sport will have what Toyota calls THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System Racing Powertrain). The car will have a brutal throttle response and can hit 60mph under 2.5 seconds. Even more remarkable is the 0-124mph dash, which lasts under 7 seconds!

This car also happens to have a very efficient EV system and an effective lean-burn engine. The focus on efficiency makes the GR Super Sport quite a unique specimen in the racing industry. But, if you followed 24h Le Mans closely, you’ll know that fuel consumption plays a big part in winning. The hybrid mechanism of the road-going car will produce a whopping 986 horsepower.

Toyota prepares both the racing and road-going version of the GR Super Sports. The Japanese carmaker will probably produce 20 road-legal cars, which is the minimum for it to compete in the FIA Endurance Championship. We still don’t know how much it will cost, but don’t expect anything less than seven digits in dollars.

The GR Super Sport is a milestone in incorporating hybrid car technology and motorsport racing. The next-generation super-sports car will deliver both ultimate power and supreme environmental performance.

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