Jaguar Land Rover Predictive Touch

Jaguar Land Rover Work On A Contactless Touchscreen Called ‘Predictive Touch’

Jaguar Land Rover Limited develops a contactless touchscreen, called “Predictive Touch” and we could not be any more excited about it!

If you hate dirty fingerprints smudged on your touchscreen just as much as me, then this car is ideal for you! Furthermore, using the touchscreen of the vehicle while driving can be very distracting. Luckily, this innovative contactless touchscreen technology created with the help of automotive engineers from the University of Cambridge can be an excellent solution to this problem.

Jaguar Land Rover first created this technology to help drivers fight bacteria and viruses. Nonetheless, the patented technology also offers the added benefit of keeping the driver’s eyes on the road while reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses in the post-COVID-19 world.

‘Predictive touch’ uses a combination of both artificial intelligence and sensors to control infotainment systems without needing to touch the screen. The sensors and the AI can predict what and where you want to touch and carry it out ahead of time. Meaning that you can activate specific settings, put on some good music, and use various features without actually having to touch the screen ( Should it still be called a touch screen, though?).

Touchscreens are a thing that everybody uses many times a day. And this is kind of the same but better. Instead of touching the screen, you just need to wave your fingers around the display to scroll through the display options, move your hand left or right to move cursors, etc.

Lab-tests and on-road trials reveal that the time and effort needed to use a touchscreen can be reduced by up to 50% using “predictive touch” technology. A person driving a car with a touch screen often loses focus while being on the road, which can lead to more significant harm. Also, it is difficult to use the touchscreen sometimes, especially on bumpy roads. Furthermore, in a post-COVID-19 world, where any surface might be covered with a pathogen — a touchscreen that can be operated without physically touching, it was a natural evolution.

Research is driving Jaguar Land Rover closer to its Destination Zero vision by making vehicles safer and the environment cleaner. Project Vector’s ‘autonomy-ready’ platform offers solutions to today’s urban mobility challenges with unparalleled interior space and flexibility in a vehicle configuration. Jaguar Land Rover’s vision integrates Project Vector concept platform into future smart city infrastructures, delivering services for private and shared mobility needs.

You can be skeptical about this as we have seen companies like Acura and Lexus trying to develop their own touchscreens and failing miserably. But this time, it’s Jaguar and Land Rover. I, for one, am expecting to see good results!

However, this technology is still a work in progress. Jaguar reported that they do not plan to launch a car equipped with “Predictive Touch” anytime soon, though.

This seems to be another good idea, but, unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait to see it in action. Let’s just hope this won’t be another innovative idea that seems to never go farther than the drawing board.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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