NASCAR Consumer Energy 400 Race

Kevin Harvick Wins NASCAR Consumer Energy 400

Kevin Harvick has become the first driver in the history of the two-mile oval in Brooklyn, Michigan, to win a Saturday-Sunday Cup series doubleheader comfortably.

The victory of Kevin Harvick at Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race was indeed a tough challenge for the driver himself. He also won Saturday’s race, which was held at the same venue of Michigan International Speedway.

Many race enthusiasts predicted Harvick’s win on Sunday. He was the only driver who put up quite a fight and was indeed challenging Denny Hamlin. He was driving the No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota and nearly crossed Harvick during the last laps of the race. Running out of laps, he ultimately faced defeat as Harvick had a lead of barely .093 seconds over him.

This was Harvick’s third consecutive win at the same track at Michigan International Speedway. With six wins for Harvick had this season, he’s now ahead of Hamlin, who only has five, making him the most number of wins this season.

Out of the top four, three are Gibbs cars. The other two drivers of Gibbs — Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch came third and fourth respectively in the race results while Aric Almirola, Harvick’s teammates, came up sixth.

Harvick was driving the same car he drove at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in July, where he also claimed victory. His race car was specially built and set up for huge ovals like Michigan and Indianapolis speedways. But when asked about the car, Harvick commented that it might be over for the car this season.

For the rest of the NASCAR Cup Series, there’s simply no tracks of the same kind and he knows for sure that this car cannot be driven at Vegas or Charlotte. This is indeed incredible news for the competition as 90 out of 156 laps were led by Harvick in this car on Sunday. This earned him 53 points and gave him a lead of 137 points over Hamlin in the NASCAR Series rankings. Harvick is not sure how many wins this season still has in store for him, and he did not want to make any comments either.

Hamlin commented that he could have beaten Harvick at the track, but Harvick was in complete control of the lanes and had a better track position. Though Hamlin was proud of his FedEx teammate, he was jealous of giving up the first place to No.4. Despite being disappointed with the results, Hamlin appreciated Harvick saying he had immense respect for him and that he was indeed having a great season.

Both of the teams are in the best shape possible, and everyone will agree with that.

All of this sounds very promising for Go Bowling 235, the next race in the series, on August 16th.


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