Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini Recalls the Aventador SVJ due to Suspension Issues

The “raging bull” announces another recall of the Aventador – are Lamborghini’s standards slipping?

Last month Automobili Lamborghini celebrated a milestone – the 10000th Aventador rolling out of its factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The flagship V12 has been crucial in maintaining Lamborghini’s status as an ‘exotica’ carmaker and keeping the company afloat.

The highs must eventually come down, though. Namely, the Italian marque has hit a bit of a snag – in fact, several of them.

The NHTSA and US Department of Transport issued a recall (Campaign Number: 20V618000) of four Aventador SVJ’s over a suspension problem. The recall affects both the Coupe and Roadster.

Lamborghini has pointed to a supplier using an improper rework tool as the cause of the problem. This may have potentially damaged the aluminum frame threads that fasten the suspension arm. Consequently, the front suspension arm anchor bolt may have been insufficiently tightened, leaving it prone to failure.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is fast, mind-bogglingly so. So fast, it holds the quickest production car around the Nürburgring record with a 6:44:97 lap time.

Now, imagine trying to achieve a top speed of 217mph (350 km/h), and the suspension gives out. A grim scenario, isn’t it? After all, the Aventador SVJ is a 759 HP and 531 lb-ft (720 Nm) tire-shredding monster.

The good news is that the affected models, made between July 10 and August 31, are still with the dealers. Along with advice not to drive them, technicians will inspect each car and replace the front frame, free of charge.

The Italian company already recalled 26 Aventador’s over a problem with the doors in March. Furthermore, they added another 38 2017-2019 models over a software fault affecting engine idling speed (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

Lamborghini should be careful its standards are not slipping, lest it ends up in a ‘Murcielago catching fire’ type screw up.

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