Lexus Design Award 2021

Leading Global Designers will Judge Lexus Design Award 2021

Lexus has announced its complete lineup of judges and mentors for Lexus Design Award 2021, a global platform to nurture and celebrate today’s leading designers and creators of tomorrow.

Toyota’s luxury division has selected two famous leading designers to act as judges for its 2021 Design Award event. Dong Gong, a young Chinese architect, and Greg Lynn, a renowned American architect, and CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward, a robotics company, will be part of the judging panel.

Dong is a member of the French Academy of Architecture and has been a receiver of international commendations, including the Seashore Library in China. On the other hand, Lynn is renowned for demonstrating the connection between architecture and design in society through technology.

The judges will evaluate the creators based on Lexus‘ three fundamental design principles — Anticipate, Innovate, and Captivate.

Being a part of the judging panel, Dong Gong commented, “I think the most exciting thing to be a juror will be I have the chance to see designs by young designers and especially not only limited to the architecture field but also includes all the other areas of the design, it’s about a process of engagement and interaction.”

Greg Lynn added, “I am happy to join the jury for the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD as I am certain to learn a great deal from the vision and values of the participants, from the insight of the mentors, and from the perspectives of the other members of the jury. I have followed the award in the past and am impressed by the ability to connect design with cultural challenges. It is exciting to be involved with a program dedicated to discovering, mentoring, and awarding talented young designers who focus on tomorrow. Now more than ever, there are so many challenges for design to address, including social inequity, economic instability, climate crisis, and a health pandemic, so I am sure to be inspired. This will be a case where the pleasure will be all mine.”

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Mentors will guide finalists to build up prototypes that mentees can put together while incorporating their own ideas for the finals. This year’s edition will feature a new mentor, Sputniko!, artist and designer, and Joe Doucet, Mariam Kamara, and Sabine Marcelis, who will mentor the six finalists chosen from worldwide entries.

Lexus Design Awards will be organized in April 2021, where the finalists’ ideas will be shown to the judging panel amidst the global media and guests. After that, one Grand Prix winner will be chosen.

Candidates can fill out their entries until October 11.

For more details or to fill out an entry, please visit


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