LogitechG G923 Wheel

Logitech G Unveils G923 Racing Steering Wheel for Hardcore Gamers

Logitech G has finally unveiled its G923 Truforce Sim Racing Wheel and Pedals dedicated to your PC, Xbox, and Playstation for an improved gaming experience.

If you are looking for a deluxe experience, the G923 is the gaming steering wheel for you. It includes LED lights to display the in-game RPM, gaming configurations on the wheel itself, and high-quality materials, making it the real deal.  Logitech really succeeded in merging the love of automobiles and gaming to create a one of a kind user experience with an actual touch of aluminum, steel, and leather.

Let us get down to the specifics now. The G923, which is the successor to the current generation G923 and G29 wheels, has been meticulously crafted with the latest technology that a computer peripheral giant like Logitech has to offer. Trust us, once you get one of those, there is no looking back.

It truly engages the user and sucks them in with their feedback system, which promises to be the future of gaming technology. Its crystal clear coercive feedback “synchronizes perfectly with the in-game simulation engines and physical features to produce higher fidelity as well as real-life experience.” In case you thought that VR is what you needed, think again!

Racing gamers have been asking to better be able to feel the road when playing, and Logitech G really raised the bar with this one. If you’d like to feel the real tremors of an accident (virtually obviously), it’s now possible with Logitech’s surreal Trueforce feedback feature.

The G923 is so advanced that it let you feel car bumps, and even weather conditions. When paired with a high-definition monitor and a surround sound, this steering wheel can really bring your gaming experience one step further.

Other interesting features also include a 900° rotation, a hall-effect steering sensor, an overheat safeguard, a nonlinear brake pedal, and textured heel grips.

Ujesh Desai, the General Manager for Logitech G, has mentioned they have been working in collaboration with professional racecar drivers, for years now, to reproduce the exact essence and vibe which they experience while aiming for the finish line.

However, the Logitech G923 Trueforce Sim Racing Wheel and Pedals set is definitely not for everyone with its hefty price tag of $399.99. Nonetheless, if you are a serious racing gamer and you can actually afford it, head over to Logitech G’s website to pre-order yours right away!

LogitechG G923 Wheel


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