Maserati Gives Out More Details About its 13-Car New Lineup

Maserati plans to replace its entire lineup by 2023.

The Italian supercar manufacturer is already widely known for its powerful yet elegant cars like the MC20, Ghibli, or the Quattroporte, only to name a few.

However, it’s an open secret that its current lineup is in dire need of an update, and Maserati has a notorious history of selling models that should have been long retired from the showroom.

However, Maserati now plans to replace its entire lineup, besides introducing a new SUV and promising to have a range no older than 18 months by 2023.

First up will be a new Levante with the Ghibli Hybrid’s tech and powertrain, followed by the brand’s new SUV, the Grecale. Named after the fierce northeastern Mediterranean wind, Maserati’s upcoming SUV is a potential halo product for the company. Maserati claims that it will be the fastest, most spacious, and the very best in the SUV segment. According to many market analysts, the Grecale could become Maserati’s best-seller, but only time will tell.

Apart from releasing newer models, the company also aims to upgrade its existing lineup. For instance, the 2020 MC20 is expected to have an electric variant powered by three motors. It will use 800v technology and will even borrow tech from Formula E.

Furthermore, in 2024 the MC20 will also be available in at least four different powertrain options: two petrol variants including the Spyder and the Coupe and two eco-friendly EV variants.

On the other hand, the Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio might showcase a front-engine setup with a Nettuno V6 as its core, without undermining the possibility that an EV variant might also be made available later. Both of these will sit below the MC20 in the hierarchy and will take on the best from other premium car manufacturers like Bentley, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz.

Moreover, the Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte might also go under a similar transformation. A mild hybrid technology will be incorporated, and we can now expect both BEV and ICE options for these beloved models.

Introducing BEV variants and developing innovative all-electric powertrains is all a part of Maserati’s growing ambition for futuristic travel, the part which it popularly refers to as “BEVolution”.

Even with growing advancements in the automotive world, Maserati remains true to its core values. The faith in the company comes from its rich heritage, style, and years of acquired knowledge and expertise, making it one of the few companies that are held in such high regard.

Maserati’s DNA blends in contemporary technology with class and high performance, helping it create the very best in the automotive world, befitting for its Trident.

Source: Maserati

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