Mercedes-AMG Project One

Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar will Have Over 1,200 HP

Mercedes-AMG already teased us with 1,000 hp, but it seems the production model One hypercar will be even more powerful.

Following its 2017 launch at the International Motor Show in Germany, the AMG One project stumbled upon repeated development delays. It now seems like engineers might have finally completed their work.

The One’s production will be limited to just 275 units worldwide, all already reserved for loyal customers. Earlier this year, Mercedes had buyers finalize the spec of their car, indicating major progress. And now, new unconfirmed details are spreading about the AMG One.

A story by TheSupercarBlog mentions rumors about the production version getting a “larger fixed aerodynamic part at the rear.” The concept and the latest prototype undergoing testing show an active rear wing that raises when necessary. Otherwise, it sits flush with the rest of the bodywork. So, it makes one wonder, could it be a larger fin or an F1 inspired wing?

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Rumors also suggest different wheel designs, four exhaust outlets instead of three, and a combined power output of over 1,200 hp (895 kW), while Mercedes previously promised 1,000 hp (740 kW) and a top speed at the 350 km/h (217 mph) mark.

The AMG One will cost $2.75 million and features F1 technology with modifications for road use. Mercedes’ upcoming hypercar will be powered by a 1.6-liter V6 hybrid-petrol powertrain, sourced from the German manufacturer’s Formula 1, plus four electric motors – one integrated into the turbocharger, another one on the internal-combustion engine, two for the front wheels.

Development is expected to reach the final stage soon, with deliveries possibly starting sometime around Q2 2021.

Source: The Superar Blog


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