Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG Upgrades the GT to 523 HP and Adds a Stealth Edition

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe and Roadster now come with more power, more torque and a menacing Stealth edition.

I doubt that drivers of the base Mercedes-AMG GT found it slow. At 469 HP, the sports car packs enough punch to put a smile in pretty much anyone’s’ face. However, Mercedes-AMG decided to pump the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to 523 HP for the 2021 model year, anyway. That’s 54 more reasons to buy this exceptional sports car  — that is, if you are prepared to pay its astronomical price, of course.

The significant increase in horsepower is not the only noteworthy feature. The German manufacturer also increased the torque to 494lb-ft, a 29 lb-ft improvement. As a result, the base model is now much closer to the AMG GT C midrange one. That model still makes 550 HP and 502 lb-ft, a difference of only 27 HP and 8 lb-ft.

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Therefore, the AMG GT now requires only 3.7 seconds to reach the 60mph mark, shaving a good 0.2 seconds from its predecessor’s time.

On the other hand, the Roadster variant gets a slight weight increase. Because of that, it can only reach a top speed of 193mph, as opposed to the 194mph of the Coupe. You’ll agree with me that it’s only a small price to pay to be able to feel the wind in your hair when driving. Fortunately, both versions retained its incredibly quick-shifting dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission.

For those interested in exterior styling, the 2021 AMG GT now comes with an attractive Stealth edition, readily available for both the Coupe and Roadster. As the name implies, it has an all-black matte livery, adding a sinister touch to the already menacing sports car.

Mercedes-AMG GT

Furthermore, the Stealth Coupe comes with a carbon-fiber roof, while the Roadster features a black-fabric top. Apart from the black paint, a couple of variants of gray are also available for customers to choose from.

The styling upgrades don’t stop with the color, though. The Stealth variant also features AMG’s Exterior Night Package with black brake calipers, matte black 19-inch front, and 20-inch rear wheels, as well as a dark chrome treatment for the Panamericana grille.

The price tag of the Black Series has soared to €335,240, which is nearly three times the standard GT.

Exclusivity always has its price, I guess.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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