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Mercedes Recalls SUVs due to Faulty Illuminated Logo Affecting Power-Steering

Surprisingly, a fault in the logo’s wiring might affect the power steering, wipers, and left headlight.

Mercedes-Benz USA issued an official recall for thousands of GLE and GLS SUVs for an issue lying in the wiring of the optional illuminated three-point star on the front grille. Reportedly, around 12,799 vehicles with the $500 option are affected by this recall.

Specifically, a fault in the illuminated logo may affect the power steering control unit, wipers, or the left headlight. You may wonder about the relation between the logo light and the power steering unit, and we wonder, too. However, Mercedes clarified that the electrical ground wire on the illuminated logo may not be properly installed. As a result, some systems connected on the same ground might malfunction.

The German carmaker had been investigating the issue since December last year. Unfortunately, the process was delayed due to the pandemic. The brand admitted to getting reports of power steering malfunctions, but thankfully, no, there were no accidents. Consequently, Mercedes issued a voluntary recall to rectify the issue.

Reports suggest most of the affected vehicles come from Mercedes’s factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. SUVs affected by the recall are GLE 350, 450, and 580, as well as GLS 450 and 580, manufactured in 2020.

Mercedes will repair the problem free-of-charge, starting from December 8. Owners of affected SUVs should call Mercedes-Benz’s customer service at 1-800-367-6372. In the meantime, the carmaker also mentioned that it will notify customers via mail.

Source: CarComplaints

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