MO’CYCLE Develops Airbag Jeans

MO’CYCLE Develops Airbag Jeans to Protect Falling Motorcyclists

A Swedish company finally comes up with a way to protect riders’ legs.

In recent decades, motorcycles have evolved a lot, becoming faster and more efficient urban transportation methods. However, one cannot deny that motorcycles are not the safest way of traveling. It is estimated that nearly 5,000 people in the US alone lose their lives in motorcycle accidents, while more than 80,000 are injured every year.

Motorcycle manufacturers have always tried to make motorcycles safer for their riders. It’s important to mention that, even though bikes are still riskier than cars when mishandled, modern motorbikes are much safer than previous times, thanks to the industry’s technological advancements. These days, most two-wheelers come equipped with anti-lock braking technology, tire pressure monitors, adaptive headlights, and, in some cases, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as Lidar sensors and cameras.

In 1976, a man named Tamas Straub patented the first-ever motorcycle airbag, yet it could not get appropriate funding, and his patent was canceled in the following decade. Ever since then, modern motorcycle manufacturers have been working on developing an airbag technology suitable to be used on motorcycles. Honda was the first company to launch a bike with an airbag located just above the fuel tank, but it was not really a perfect solution as it was only effective in head-on collisions.

MO’CYCLE Develops Airbag Jeans

These days, we have inflatable jackets to protect the rider’s upper body, shielding him from all sides. It is a much better option, but the driver’s legs are still unprotected in case of an accident, especially when sliding. It is also important to note that the rider’s legs are the first body part making contact with the ground, and, thanks to the weight of the motorbike and its momentum, the legs face the highest chances of injury during an accident.

However, this might change soon as Swedish company Airbag Inside Sweden AB is currently working on developing jeans that would inflate in case of an accident. The jeans would feature concealed air-bladders within the jeans that would inflate almost instantly in an accident.

At this moment, there’s no information as to when the airbag jean will be ready. Currently, the system works, but it still has to be triggered manually. However, the company has released a video in which the CEO can be seen demonstrating the product. He mentioned Airbag Inside is currently in talks with researchers at Sweden’s Uppsala University to develop smart sensors that would enable the jeans to inflate automatically when there is an impact or a collision.

In the video, the CEO also reveals that the company is planning to launch in the American and European markets under the brand name MO’CYCLE .

More details to come.


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