Nissans Safety Shield 360

Nissan Safety Shield 360 System is now Standard on Ten Models in the US

Nissan announced it would make six active safety technologies standard on its ten most popular models.

Unfortunately, road traffic injuries & deaths add up to almost 1.3 million deaths per year worldwide. Car accidents are also one of the leading causes of death among young adults aged 15-29 years old.

Thus, safety is always a primary concern for auto-manufactures. One of the biggest recent advances in the area is undeniably driver assistance systems (ADAS). Using automation, radars, sensors, and cameras, these features can detect obstacles and, in some cases, take the necessary actions to avoid mishaps.

The “Safety Shield 360” is Nissan’s ADAS system, comprising six advanced Intelligent Mobility features — Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Rear Automatic Braking.

Nissan’s ADAS uses radars and cameras to detect various obstacles such as pedestrians, stationary objects, change lanes, and focus the headlights. Additionally, these can warn the driver and apply brakes if necessary, thus making the vehicle safer. Meanwhile, headlight assistance and pedestrian detection care about the safety of other traffic participants.

Nissan Senior manager and lead technology expert on Intelligent Transportation System Research, Mr. Andy Christensen, says that the Safety Shield 360 feature will especially benefit young drivers still getting used to driving on busy roads.

The IIHS states that vehicles with a forward-collision warning and automatic braking systems record a 56% lower crash rate.

Consequently, it comes as good news to know that Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 will now come standard on Sentra, LEAF, Maxima, Kicks, Rogue Sport, TITAN, Rogue, and three upcoming models.

And whether or not you are an experienced driver or a younger one still working on his driving skills, better safety features simply can’t hurt, right?

Nissans Safety Shield 360 Infographic

Source: Nissan

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