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Non-Tesla Owners Can Now Charge for Free on Some Tesla Superchargers in Europe

Tesla’s Supercharger stations are letting non-Tesla EVs consumers charge for free, apparently due to some technical flaw in its system.

Tesla uses unique software, called the ‘handshake’ to identify its models while offering the service through CCS charging standards. This identification limits its services to Tesla’s vehicles only, but a few cracks in the system have been observed recently. Some of the models which have reportedly benefitted from this are the VW ID.3 and Hyundai Kona Electric.

Now for the free part, these electric top-ups are charged to the owner’s Tesla account, and since the models misusing this service aren’t that of Tesla, it’s needless to say that no accounts exist to send the bill. However, there are no confirmed reports regarding the exact number of stations affected by this extraordinary situation.

The EV company has previously stated that it was open to providing its Supercharger stations’ services to non-Tesla EVs if an agreement could be made in terms of costs. However, there has been no agreement so far.

This could easily be a bug or some other flaw in one of the various codes and algorithms used for the smooth functioning of this process. In all cases, the company will surely take swift actions to rectify this issue as it’s assumed Tesla might not appreciate the idea of non-Tesla users benefitting of its services and, without even paying for it.

The EV manufacturer prides itself when it comes to its technological advancements and scientific innovations, and it wouldn’t want small slip-ups like these to taint its otherwise superior image.


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