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How To Kill Your Car Off

How You’re Killing Your Car Faster Than You Could Have Ever Imagined. You may actually be shocked at some of the ways we ruin our cars. In many cases, it’s doing things that you were actually told to do. There is a whole lot of really bad advice out there …

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Is It Illegal To Fix Your Own Car?

I know what you may be thinking. Yeah right, illegal to fix my own car. That will be the day when they pry my monkey wrench out of my cold dead fingers. The thing is, having laws that say you cannot work on your own car, even though you bought …

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How to Build Your Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

If you own a car, this is one of those things we cannot recommend highly enough. There are plenty of reasons why you need to have a vehicle maintenance checklist; here are just a few: Stay on track with your vehicle maintenance so you don’t forget anything. Get the longest …

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