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Mercedes-Benz Doesn’t want to Sell Cheap Compact Cars Anymore

Mercedes-AMG Black Series Model Lineup

Mercedes-Benz will revert to producing luxurious high-tech cars instead of compact vehicles. Mercedes-Benz wants to reinvent its lineup, again, in an attempt to recapture its luxury carmaker reputation. This means axing compact cars and focusing on quality above quantity. Since the birth of the brand, Mercedes automobiles were always about …

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Suzuki Will Finally Revive the Hayabusa!

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021

According to rumors, the Hayabusa is about to make a comeback! The superbike was first shown as the Concept GSX back in 2018, but the icon went into a hiatus up until now. The refreshed version is set to meet new Euro 5 emission standards with little else to be …

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