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EV Cost to be Similar to Gas Vehicles by 2024

Tesla EV charging

In just a few years, we might finally have affordable EVs hitting the market. Remember when solar power was considered infeasible as a mainstream source of energy? Well, things have changed now. Technology improvements made solar electricity more affordable than traditional fossil-fuel alternatives. It was only a matter of time …

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VW Group Wants to Make Bentley a Subsidiary of Audi?

Bentley logo

A very different future in sight for Bentley and Lamborghini. With the launch of the new Flying Spur and Bentayga, rumors are making the rounds about Volkswagen’s plans to bring about some major changes in the management of certain brands under its umbrella, including Bentley. Currently, the British brand operates …

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Lucid Says it Competes with Mercedes-Benz, not Tesla

Lucid Air

Lucid’s CEO also mentions his disappointment at the production inefficiency shown by established carmakers in the EV business. With the recent launch of the Air sedan, the luxury EV market has taken another big step forward. While most people would agree Tesla’s legendary Model S is a top contender for …

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