Pandem's Corvette C8 Widebody Kit

Pandem’s Corvette C8 Widebody Kit Looks Positively Mean

Pandem, aftermarket body kit builder, has recently created a widebody kit for the C8 Chevrolet Corvette, making it look meaner than ever.

 The mid-engined Chevrolet‘s performance is already making heads turn, and now with a widebody kit with razor-sharp style and appearance, the car is bound to make a statement wherever she goes.

 The kit’s design is reminiscent of the work done by Pandem’s sister brands Rocket Bunny and RWB Porsches. Some examples of the same include intimately curvaceous fender add-ons with exposed rivets finished off by aggressive spoilers, skirts, and lips. These are accompanied by massive side sills and a raw front loop.

 As mentioned on Pandem’s official website, the entire kit can be bought for a total of $7,000. An option of going in without the spoiler would bring the overall cost down to $5800. However, the fancy look sported by the Corvette in the recently released pictures is going to be available in its entirety only if buyers can find a way to dig deeper into their pockets. This is because a complete overhaul of the car will also require a fancy set of tires and a lowered suspension setup with a healthy inclusion of negative camber.

 Another interesting thing is that many other aftermarket developers have tried these kinds of jobs, but only a few have been successful in providing a satisfying output.

 For example, quite a few professionals have actually ruined the car’s look by oddly designed paint jobs and mismatched body kits. On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find a few satisfying returns when it comes to improving the car’s overall look. Having said that, a majority of experts would agree that this version of Pandem’s Corvette C8 is a cut above the rest. 

 A lot of people would tell you to look for inner beauty when it comes to judging a person, but when it comes to beasts like this one, the reverse is true.

Pandem's Corvette C8 Widebody Kit



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