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Paul Walker’s Reaches Over $2.3 million at an Auction

Paul Walker is one of the most famous persons in the automotive world – petrolheads around the world are still grieving for his premature death. Starring in the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul made cars cool again. Thanks to his contribution, new car culture was born. People started tuning their vehicles to the absolute maximum and making them stand out from the crowd.

The actor wasn’t only an enthusiast on screen. He had a very extensive car portfolio that consisted of some exciting models. Many people know Paul for his relationship with Japanese sports cars in the movies, but it was German cars that got him going. Still, he owned a varied portfolio of cars that many enthusiasts would love to have.

Now, all 21 cars, trucks, and motorcycles he owned were auctioned by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona. As expected, the vehicles reached remarkably high prices, higher than they would’ve from other owners. The final sales of all vehicles added up to $2,333,450.

“Paul Walker has been compared to a modern-day Steve McQueen, who lived his passion for racing in every aspect of his life,” stated Craig Jackson for The Hollywood Reporter, CEO of Barrett-Jackson. “[He] has inspired entire generations of car lovers. We worked closely with a close friend of Paul’s who helped care for Paul’s collection following his death; he was responsible for consigning and prepping the vehicles for the auction. Paul’s daughter, Meadow, kept a few vehicles she had a connection with.”

Let’s dig into every single model and the price they reached.

BMW M3’s Reached the Highest Prices

Paul was specifically excited by BMW’s, more precisely older M3 models. He owned five 1995 M3 E36 Lightweight models, which are scarce cars, to begin with. There are only 126 cars like these in the world, but that’s not the only thing that makes them unique.

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

The M3 E36 Lightweight were improved versions of the standard car. They had a reduced weight of 200 lb (91 kg) compared to the standard vehicle, which significantly improved performance and handling. As expected, BMW also made changes to the suspension for better road holding, while the exterior got a big wing. You can recognize these models by the Motorsport decals on the body.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the lowest-mileage BMW M3 E36 Lightweight reached the highest price – $385,000! The other four models ranged from $220,000 to $258,500. But, how does that compare to the costs of these vehicles owned by other people? The auction company says that they sold a BMW M3 Lightweight in 2018 for $121,000.
“We’re told Paul spent countless hours on the track perfecting his racing skills,” said Jackson for The Hollywood Reporter. “The question of whether he intended to build a racing team is something we may never know. When Paul purchased the five BMW M3 Lightweights, he envisioned them as his own investment vehicle.”

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

Apart from these extraordinary models, Paul also owned an older BMW M3 E30 Coupe from 1991. This car isn’t nearly as rare (BMW sold 5,115 in the U.S.), but it still commanded a price of $220,000. The reason is probably its state – it only had 7,644 miles on the clock. Barrett-Jackson managed to sell another M3 E30 from 1988 for $165,000. Other BMW M3 E30’s at auctions reach around $60,000 today.

The only other German vehicle Paul Walker owned was a 2000 Audi S4 Quattro. This model is equipped with a 2.7-liter bi-turbo V6 engine and has 4WD traction. On the Barrett-Jackson auction, it reached $29,700.

Paul Walker’s Only Muscle Car Proved to be Very Popular

Paul Walker might have been in love with BMW’s, but he still owned a real muscle car. The 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302S Race Car can’t be driven on the street, but wealthy owners certainly won’t mind that. Paul Walker bought this car for use on the track. Sadly, though, he never managed to drive it.

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

This version of the Mustang has a 5.0-liter V8 engine upfront with 440 horsepower. It doesn’t sound like much, but the stripped-down racing version is much lighter than the standard model. The 6-speed manual transmission is another sought-after feature that this version has.

On the Barrett-Jackson auction, the Mustang Boss 302S Race Car reached a price of $95,700. Not bad for a car that Paul never managed to drive.

Nissan R32 Skyline and Nissan 370Z Reached High Prices as Well

The Nissan 370Z is not that popular at auctions – mint versions go for $30,000 to $50,000. Nonetheless, Walker’s car still reached $105,600. There are some viable reasons for that, though. Walker used the 370Z as an extra car for the Fast Five movie (even though it never appeared). On top of that, it only had 3,092 miles on the odometer – it’s practically new.

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

Interestingly, his Nissan Skyline R32 reached $100,100 at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Like most of its cars, the Japanese 4WD classic was also prepped for track use. Inside there was only one racing seat, a roll cage, and a fire extinguisher. According to Tom Stahler from, similar cars to Walker’s Skyline R32 reach prices of only $40,000.

Chevrolet Wagons Reached Excellent Prices

Paul had a thing for old Chevrolet cars as well. More precisely, he owned a 1963 Nova Wagon, 1964 Chevelle Wagon, and 1967 II Nova with an upgraded engine. These vehicles reached $18,700, $19,800, and $60,500 respectively.

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

Paul Walker Pickup Trucks and SUVs

Paul had a sharp taste for sports cars, but he also owned some ordinary SUVs and trucks. He held a 2003 Ford F250 heavy-duty truck that reached a price of $19,800. His GMC Sierra 1500 reached $33,000, while his 2006 Toyota Tundra price wasn’t specified. The 1995 Ford Bronco reached the highest rate among the SUVs at $73,700, pretty high for an SUV from that era.

Courtesy: Barrett-Jackson

Paul Walker’s Motorcycles Reached High Prices Too

Paul Walker owned three motorcycles – a 2005 Harley Davidson RS, 2008 Suzuki motorcycle, and a 2011 BMW motorcycle. The reached $34,100, $3,850, and $11,000 respectively.

The Raised Funds Will Go to Charity

Many people might not know this, but Paul Walker was also a prominent philanthropist and founder of the Reach Out WorldWide foundation (ROWW). His daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, follows his steps in philanthropy. According to the reports, the raised funds will go to a trust for Meadow Rain and the new Paul Walker Foundation.

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