Tesla by Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer Partners with Tesla to Make Model Y for Kids

Now your kids can enjoy a pedal-powered and emission-free Tesla Model Y replica toy. Even better, the Radio Flyer version costs only $99.

Nothing can make kids love cars more than miniature vehicles. And, if the kid can drive that car, all the better. Of course, Tesla wants a piece of that pie as well. The American electric-car maker collaborated with Radio Flyer for a Model Y toy replica.

Just like the larger version, the miniature car won’t have tailpipe emissions. However, instead of using electricity, the toy replica uses pedals for propulsion. And, there’s a catch — it is unfortunately just for toddlers! Radio Flyer designed the brand-new toy for 18 months to 4 years-old children.

A couple of years back, a partnership between Tesla and Radio Flyer, resulted in a toy replica version of the Tesla Model S. It was a tiny version of the electric sedan, which also had lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor. But the cost of $500 was indeed way too much for a toy!

Radio Flyer named the car “My First Model Y.” A fitting name for a toddler’s car, indeed. Moreover, the company made sure that the toy does not cost as much as the previous one. Priced at only $99, Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model Y might be a steal for Tesla owners.

Tesla by Radio Flyer

Meanwhile, the toddler-sized toy also has a steering wheel, but it sits on top of the car, not inside. Then again, the seating position is also over the roof as opposed to the pricier Model S, which had a normal driving position.

Fortunately, Radio Flyer designed the steering wheel to look just like the original. There is even a working horn present in this toy car. Moreover, the seat is quite comfortable, while the tires are rubberized for a better grip. Radio Flyer also made sure that the replica has authentic exterior design details.

That said, while the replica Model S has a battery, the Model Y requires human assistance. Toddlers can hop on this toy and ride around the house by turning the pedals. That might be a better solution since it will also provide your kids with exercise.

It’s safe to predict that this Model Y toy replica will be more successful than the previous one. Because of the li-ion batteries, the Model S replica was priced way to high to be approachable for most. Meanwhile, the $99 price tag of the “My First Model Y” seems much more attractive.

Undoubtedly, this might be one of the best gifts for your toddler this Christmas. Moreover, it could inspire them for a pollution-free future!


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