Rivian R1T electric pickup truck

Rivian Electric Truck Specs: All About The R1T/R1S

In 2017, Rivian announced the production of the Rivian SUV and Rivian pickup. These vehicles have impressive specs and are capable of on-road as well as off-road driving. Rivian innovative electric truck models are autonomous and the company’s products are a perfect blend of functionality, desirability, and modernism. Even though Rivian vehicles are not available for sale in the market right now but their incredible features have gained popularity among automotive enthusiasts and adventurers. No matter whether you’re just finding out about Rivian or if you’re already a fan, here’s all you need to know about their upcoming R1T and R1S model.

Rivian electric truck manufacturing plant


Founded in 2009, Rivian is an American automotive manufacturer founded by Robert RJ Scaringe who is also the CEO of the company. Mr. Scaringe is a mechanical engineer who graduated from MIT. The company was named Avera Automotive but then its name was changed to Rivian Automotive.

In 2011, the company shifted its focus to the production of electric vehicles after the founder found himself frustrated with the lack of environmentally sustainable automobiles. The company received huge investments from investors that allowed it to expand its operations. Its headquarters are based in Livonia, Michigan, however, its facilities are based in Michigan, Illinois, California, San Jose, and the United Kingdom. At the time of writing this article, Rivian is working on the production of futuristic electric vehicles promising amazing specs.

Its main vehicles are Rivian SUV with the name R1S and Rivian pickup with the name R1T. The Rivian automotive technology allows it to provide sustainable transportation services by tapping into the autonomous car markets as well as ride-sharing services.

Rivian R1T electric pickup truck

Rivian R1T

The first electric vehicle by Rivian is the R1T model. It is a pickup truck featuring cutting edge technology. Apart from its performance, the best thing about the R1T is that it will produce zero emissions which means its owners can fulfill their dream of having an adventurous vehicle while saving the environment from harmful emissions. The Rivian R1T is quite large in size with a 135.8-inch wheelbase and a 217.1-inch overall length. It has the look of a modern pickup with 5 seats and four doors.

The design of the R1T is both innovative and attractive. Furthermore, the battery range is expected to be over 400 miles. However, the advertised battery range is still not verified by the EPA yet. The truck’s towing capacity would be 11,000 pounds which is not bad at all considering the towing capacity of other pickup trucks. The company predicts that its maximum payload capacity would be 1,760 pounds.

Rivian truck frame structure

Battery Packs

The company plans to offer three different battery packs: 105kWh, 135kWh and 180kWh. The range of each battery pack will be different and customers can choose the battery pack of their choice. The estimated range of the 180kWh battery pack is around 400 miles whereas, the smallest battery pack is supposed to run for about 230 miles on 105kWh. Considering the range of this battery pack, we can say that Rivian is giving major competition to other electric pickup truck manufacturers and especially Tesla and its Cybertruck.


The Rivian electric truck’s top speed is estimated to be 125 miles/hour. The smallest battery pack is expected to deliver 400 hp(E) while the 135kWh battery pack will generate about 750 hp(E). Last but not least, the 180kWh battery pack will generate an impressive 700 hp(E) which should be more than enough to satisfy any speed enthusiast. Furthermore, every battery pack option is quite remarkable when it comes to the 0-60mph time. The 180kWh battery pack hits the mark in 3.2 seconds while the 135kWh model does the same in only 3 seconds. Even the smallest option still reaches 60mph in a respectable 4.9 seconds. Surprisingly, the 135kWh battery pack is the most powerful and fastest of all three options.

In simpler terms, the 105kWh is the most budget-friendly one and should appeal to upper-middle-class owners and families. Speed freaks, on the other hand, will prefer the 135kWh model while owners looking for a longer battery range and better tow capacity should go with the 180kWh model.

Rivian truck interior

Comfort & Safety

The R1T is jam-packed with the latest technology. It includes a 15.6 touchscreen display with a 12.3-inch separate display screen above the steering wheel. Additionally, the Rivian R1T also includes a 6.8-inch screen at the back of the center console for entertainment purposes.

The Rivian electric pickup truck model includes three power outlets so that the passengers can charge their devices while traveling. When it comes to safety features, Rivian has not neglected them either. The cables in the truck are directly connected with the digital architecture. If someone tries to tamper them, the owner will immediately be notified about it. The vehicle even includes security cameras.

Apart from the above-mentioned equipment and technology, the R1T also includes the latest hardware along with ultrasonic cameras, GPS technology, and radar to provide autonomous driving capabilities.

Rivian R1S electric SUV

Rivian R1S

Just like the R1T, the Rivian R1S also features impressive and revolutionary technology. Most of its specs are similar to the R1T model. The main difference between the two is that the R1T is a pickup truck whereas the R1S is a sport-utility vehicle (SUV).

The Rivian R1S also has the same three different versions of battery packs. The range of the R1S is 10 miles greater than the R1T with similar battery packs.

Its towing capacity is around 7,716 pounds which is a little less than its pickup counterpart. However, this is still a lot when compared to its competitors. The powertrain of both vehicles is also quite similar. Due to the similar specs and performance, the R1S is pretty much the R1T’s little brother.

Rivian R1S interior

Even though there are many amazing SUVs available in the market, the design of the Rivian R1S is quite innovative. It’s a luxurious vehicle with beautiful interior and modern equipment. The SUV model includes only two display screens, though. The center screen is for entertainment as well as infotainment purposes whereas, the other one is for gauge display.

The R1S includes more than enough effective safety features to protect not only the vehicle but also its passengers. The SUV model includes a split tailgate along with a large trunk and cargo area that can be used for various purposes. Overall, the R1S is spacious with good legroom and should be perfect to run everyday errands, bring the kids to soccer practices as well as weekend adventures off the beaten paths.

Rivian Vehicles Prices

The Rivian electric truck and SUV both feature incredible specs with remarkable performance and design. These vehicles are luxury vehicles perfect for automotive enthusiasts and people who love adventures. However, there is also a hefty price tag attached.

The price of the Rivian R1T will start at $69,000 whereas, the R1S price will start at $72,500. It must be noted that these are base prices that will go up as per the specifications of both vehicles and options selected. Overall, the total can even go up to $100,000 for a fully-equipped model.

Rivian R1S and R1T

Last Words

Rivian is indeed becoming a major player in the electric vehicle market. Its two vehicles, namely the R1T and R1S, are both vehicles offering astounding features that set them apart from other upcoming electric pickup trucks and SUVs manufactured by other companies including Tesla, Ford, and Chevrolet. Both vehicles are under production as of now. They are already available for pre-order and the manufacturer plans to launch them in late 2020 or early 2021.

These vehicles are obviously not for every budget. On the other hand, so are the other electric pickup trucks about to hit the market in the near future. However, if you are interested in buying an innovative electric vehicle capable to perform as well on the road than off of it, keep your eyes peeled for the release of the Rivians models. These may very well be what you are looking for!


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