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RST Launches Motorcycle Clothing with Built-in Airbags

British firm RST has launched a range of motorcycle clothing with built-in airbags that will provide an advanced level of safety to riders.

Developed in association with In&Motion, the company believes that its product is a modern marvel in terms of safety for riders on roads and track settings alike.

What’s particularly worth-noting here is that, while the initial price of the product was around £1500 -£ 3500, it’s now been reduced to a fraction of it at about £399.99. Additional variants include bespoke airbag jackets like the GT leather jacket (£699.99), Adventure X jacket (£499.99), and the range-topping V4.1 one-piece racing suit (£899.99).

In&Motion has been credited with helping RST reduce its product price by analyzing around 500-plus mishaps and accidents from racing championships like the British Supertwins, MotoE, and World Superbike.

Another thing that makes these safety suits/garments more appealing is their specs that are almost similar to their non-airbag counterparts. Alternatively, they feature 40 subtle fitment changes to accommodate the airbag smoothly without catching anyone’s eye.

The company states that its main objective was to make this tech available to everyone or, as it calls it, “democratize airbag technology.” Moreover, the company also states that injury reduction has already been observed with the use of these airbag-embedded garments.

Talking about the design, the airbags have been fitted into a mesh lining within the products to provide a cushioned protection to the chest, neck, abdomen, and shoulders on impact. Additional adjustments have been made around the spine to avoid twisting injuries.


Technically speaking, a bank of sensors possessing a scan rate of about 1000 times per second provides information to a system. These are then analyzed by different algorithms to identify a crash. As of now, the system can detect and inflate in less than 0.05 seconds.

Yet, the best feature of the inflator is that it can be re-grassed at home in case it’s triggered by a crash. The owners need to lease the In&Box’ brain’ at £12 per month, or they can choose a one-time payout option, which will cost them around £399. Its software will receive constant upgrades via smartphones, and the subscription of this service can be paused anytime.

The new range of RST gear will be available by March next year, and we are keenly looking forward to how it pans out for everyone.

More details on RST’s official website!


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