Sharp Wins Patent Clash over Daimler

Sharp Wins Patent Clash on Mobile Technology Against Daimler

The German corporation faces multiple patent battles and just lost its second one.

Daimler AG lost its most recent patent bid against Japan‘s Sharp Corporation. This turn of event is quite unfortunate for Daimler as it follows another lost fight with Nokia regarding automotive mobile technology too.

On September 10th, a Munich court confirmed that it had granted an injunction to Sharp Corporation, ruling that Daimler has used Sharp’s technology without designated licensing, which might lead to a potential sales ban in Germany.

We’ll see if that happens, though. For instance, Nokia won its injection on August 18th but hasn’t enforced it yet. In that case, the sales ban could be executed if the collaterals exceeded $8.3 Billion.

In the case of Sharp, though, the court imposed collaterals of only $5.5 Billion, making things much more convenient for the Japanese company.

Daimler ensures that there will not be any sales ban for various reasons, the main one being that Sharp has withdrawn its case partially. That’s because Sharp and a Daimler supplier already signed a licensing deal.

Also, there is an ambiguity in the licensing of telecommunication components. According to Daimler, suppliers have paid the licensing fee for Sharp’s applications, and thus, Sharp cannot prohibit Daimler from using their patent technology.

“We do not understand the decision of the Munich Regional Court and will appeal against it.”

As per German law, one can only enforce appealed ruling if the winning party posts the specified collateral as a security deposit for the losses the second party will face.

These lawsuits have been pretty standard for Daimler recently. Specifically, multiple technology companies have claimed that several Daimler vehicles include unlicensed patents.

Needless to say, these suits can be a big stain on Daimler’s reputation. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the coming months, that’s for sure.


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