Škoda illuminated seatbelt buckles

Škoda Patents LED Seatbelt Buckles Safer for Children

Škoda makes strides again with a simple yet useful innovation.

The Czech carmaker has long been pioneering safety technologies, and its recent addition is a glowing LED seatbelt buckle.

Škoda said it mainly developed the belt buckle while keeping infants and kids in mind, ultimately making it easier for parents to check up on their children’s safety.

An innovative but yet simple design makes it visible and improves its usability in the dark. For example, the buckle comes with a pair of color-changing LED lights and, when the seat is empty, the buckle glows white.

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However, once the seat is occupied, the color transitions to red, alerting passengers to seat belts. Finally, green LEDs inform the passenger that the seatbelt is correctly locked into place. Moreover, owners can even customize the lights to flash for even greater visibility.

Once these belts are implemented, it will be a lot easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids, making sure they don’t unbuckle the belt while driving.

With that being said, the buckle is still under development and, we are yet to hear about it going into production.

So far, the LED seatbelt buckle is one of 94 patents Škoda filed this year. Furthermore, the firm has also partnered with multiple Israeli startups, so we can expect a host of innovative new ideas soon.

Source: AutoExpress

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