Sony Vision-S electric vehicle

Sony Brings the Vision-S Electric Vehicle to Public Roads for Testing

The famous quality of Sony is already well known all over the world. But how would you feel if you come to know that a Sony electric car is actually in the making? A whole lot of people were surprised when Sony revealed the Visiona prototype of its fully functional electric car, at CES back in January. At that time, Sony had mentioned that this prototype was not intended to be used on roads. According to the manufacturer, the technology in development was intended to be sold to other automakers working on electric vehicles.

Since then, it had been complete radio silence. However, Sony seems to have changed its mind as the company might have plans to release his EV to the public after all!

On July 27th, Sony has published a YouTube video revealing that the Vision-S has arrived in Tokyo, Japan, and is now under the final development phase and almost ready for public road testing.

Sony Vision-S electric vehicle

The Sony Vision-S is an electric vehicle equipped with two 200 kW motors, one in the front, and one in the back. The manufacturer claims that it can hit up to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds. It even boasts of a top speed of 149 MPH. Not bad for a stereo system company.

The car is capable of Level 2 autonomous driving, meaning it can handle basic acceleration, steering, and braking. Of course, to comply with the law, it will still require the presence of a driver just in case something goes wrong.

From the very beginning, the car seemed to be too advanced to stay at the concept car stage by now. It seems to function incredibly well and the interior looks like in ver near completion if not already. Of course, Sony has yet to confirm our assumptions but one cannot deny that performing public road testing only for a prototype vehicle is a bit overdoing it.

It’s possible that the manufacturer just did this to check the vehicle’s sensors, cameras, and to see how the car would perform if placed in a real-world situation. Nonetheless, one has to admit that, if it’s the case, it has created a very finished product for that!

The all-new Vision-S most definitely grabbed our attention back in January, and now our interest is most definitely piqued.

Source: Sony

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