McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy Car

Start them Young with this Electric McLaren Senna Made for Kids

This might very well be the best gift idea ever for the upcoming holiday season!

McLaren released a brand new ‘Ride On’ toy that is perfect for young car enthusiasts aged between 3 and 6 years old. The new Senna model will join the 2 other previously released toy cars, namely the McLaren P1TM and the 720S.

Some of the most impressive features, at least for a toy car, are working dihedral doors that allow extremely easy access, a start button, and even an infotainment system that can even read SD cards or USB devices. Jealous much?

Other than this, the brakes are also working and even come with brake lights. Though this car cannot be taken out on the streets, its capacities are not to be misunderstood. Your child can start early in life and drive around the house in their very own McLaren Senna which even makes authentic engine sounds, giving them that real car feels.

McLaren Senna Ride-On Toy Car

The McLaren Senna-toy version comes in 5 different colors. Apart from black and white, it is also available in Vega blue, Mira Orange as well as Memphis Red. A yellow with green accents livery, similar to Ayrton Senna’s helmet will also be made available but, unfortunately, only to McLaren retailers

If you want to get one of these for your kids, the price starts at $582. If this seems a bit much for you, take a look at Radio Flyer’s Tesla model Y, available for only $99.

You can purchase one for the (inner) child in your life at an authorized McLaren dealer or online at


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