Startech Launches a Cosmetic Tuning Kit for Tesla Model 3

Startech turned its attention to the Tesla Model 3 and the result is to die for.

The German auto-tuner recently unveiled an exterior styling kit for the electric luxury sedan. Modifications include new re-designed front and rear bumpers, 3-piece rear spoiler, side flaps below the rear doors, and an LED brake light on the trunk. The auto-tuner also offers to paint the door-handles and window surrounds (both of which are chromed from the factory) to match the exterior paint color. All parts are made from high-quality carbon fiber.

Startech also offers new lowering springs to bring your Model 3 30mm closer to the ground, giving it a much sleeker look. And to fit the car’s new stance, Monostar M 20″ polished black alloy wheels are also available. The wheels come with aluminum center-locks that can be painted in silver, blue, red, or black finish and are available in two tire sizes: 9J x 20″ 245/35 R20 or 10.5J x 20″ 285/30 R20.

Regarding interior mods, Startech offers a new carbon fiber steering wheel, carbon door trims and Alcantara-wrapped headliner, sun visors, and door pillars.

Tesla Model 3 by Startech

All parts are manufactured in Bottrop, Germany, and will be available by December. The entire kit costs €5,758 ($6,784), but Startech also sells parts individually.

Prices for each part are:


• Front Bumper

• Rear bumper

• Side flaps

• Rear wing

• Painted chrome elements

• Painted door handles

• Wheels

• Lowering kit








€684.80 – €730.80


Note: The prices have been announced for Germany only. Costs may vary in the US.

More details on Startech’s website.


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