SuperCharge EV Racing Series

SuperCharge Racing Series Feature 660 HP EVs, Jumps, and Water Sprinklers

Motorsports take a dramatic leap with the all-electric SuperCharge Racing Series.

The brand-new racing series was initially founded by former IMG Executive Rob Armstrong and Torben Olsen. However, SuperCharge received significant business and technical inputs from world-renowned motorsports veterans Max Welti and Willi Rampf.

Both racers have shaped the history of motorsports. The former won 1989 Le Mans with Sauber and is now a core member of the Volkswagens motorsport steering committee. Meanwhile, Willi Rampf holds vital positions in senior engineering roles in F1 for Sauber and VW rallies.

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SuperCharge will feature the very best from the electric car segment. Powerful EVs with at least 660 bhp and 500-kW batteries will go head-to-head on a specifically designed racetrack. Furthermore, teams/manufacturers can change the bodywork to meet racing standards and opt for a unique frame chassis. The racing EVs would reach 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds!

SuperCharge EV Racing Series


Meanwhile, the events will use an extremely challenging racecourse. Competitors will have to make six laps over a 1km track with a 2.5-meter jump and only two cars wide. They will also need to maneuver through a low friction zone, sprinklers, and a water gantry to transition from dry to wet areas on the track. Ultimately, the tracks will feature a highly-challenging rallycross-style joker lap that SuperCharge calls the “Superloop.”

The series recently introduced a standard race car version. Nicknamed the SC01, it is a result of years of extensive research and development. Also, German-based automotive and motorsport engineering specialist Holzer Firemgruppe GmbH tested the vehicles.

According to SuperCharge, their business model bases on market strategies by leading global car manufacturers. Meanwhile, the series would provide the ground to showcase incredible engineering and battery technology.

SuperCharge EV Racing Series

Director Armstrong, head of the SuperCharge series, firmly believes in motorsports being a crossroads event. With a worldwide emphasis on reducing carbon footprint, most countries and cities will ban traditional ICE cars. Thus, there is a dire need for road car-based electric motorsports, he added.

However, the all-electric racing series is yet to receive an FIA International series certification. Nonetheless, it works closely with the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) and the UK’s National Sporting Authority, Motorsport UK.

If everything goes according to plan, SuperCharge will conduct eight rounds across major continents including, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and the US. Moreover, we will get to see at least 15 races per weekend after its launch in 2022. With plans to conduct 1.5-day events with 16 drivers’ grids, the series would certainly shape the future of motorsports.


Source: The Race


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