Suzuki Swace

Suzuki Swace is just a Rebadged Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid

If you’d like to have a Corolla, but Toyota is not so much your thing, the Suzuki Swace might very well be the car for you!

Unfortunately, the Swace will only be available in Europe as a hybrid variant. The main reason for this is that Suzuki needs to reduce the combined CO2 emissions of its fleet in Europe as otherwise, it might incur fines due to the strict regulations in place. To comply with local laws without designing a new vehicle from the ground up, Suzuki concluded a deal with Toyota, resulting in the Corolla being sold under the Suzuki brand.

The Swace is available only in estate body style as Suzuki’s European lineup lacked a model. Nonetheless, it looks almost identical to the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, but with a different badging and front bumper.

Interestingly, the Swace is Suzuki’s second European model based on a Toyota variant after the Across, announced in July, which is a RAV4 PHEV with Suzuki badges on it.

Suzuki’s upcoming vehicle is a self-charging vehicle with a 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain, producing 120 horsepower. The car also features an EV mode that utilizes a 53 kW motor and a 3 kWh battery pack allowing the Swace to record such low CO2 emission levels at 99g/km over the WLTP cycle.

The Suzuki Swace is expected to go on sale next winter in Europe, and specifications for the United Kingdom will be released a little closer to the launch date.

Suzuki Swace

Source: Suzuki

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