Sylvania Roadsight Dash Cam

Sylvania Automotive Bringing Advanced Roadsight Dash Cam to Market

Sylvania Automotive brings advanced active safety systems in its lineup of dash cams. With these products, the company hopes to make older vehicles safer and easier to drive.

The leading automotive lighting supplier, Sylvania Automotive, announced that it was ready to release its advanced Roadsight dash cams to the public. According to the manufacturer, the Roadsight cameras can boost the user’s driving experience, including many other perks.

The main feature of each Roadsight camera is the extra-wide field of view and the high-resolution video output. Furthermore, Sylvania differentiates from other products on the market with front collision and lane departure warnings.

These systems can significantly and quickly enhance any vehicle’s active safety system. The lane departure warning system will notice when the driver veers off the lane and produce a warning sound. In contrast, the front collision warning system, on the other hand, watches the road ahead for other vehicles and obstacles. This system can also notify the driver with an alarm if it detects something ahead of the car. Moreover, when all else fails, Roadsight dash cams can also record and save footage in case of an accident.

Sylvania Roadsight Dash Cam
Sylvania Roadsight Pro

Sylvania is one of the first companies to offer such advanced safety systems as an aftermarket solution. And, the best thing about its dash cam line is that it will work on any vehicle. Even one coming from the no-airbag era! Even better, Sylvania made sure to release variants to fit any budget.

“Any car on the road today, regardless of its make or model, can benefit from the safety and security features available across the new Sylvania Roadsight dash camera line,” said Henning Bohnhorst, Director, Product Segment Beyond Lightsource at Sylvania Automotive.

Bohnhorst further added, “As a leader in aftermarket lighting solutions, we’re thrilled to bring our automotive expertise and innovative technology to this market. We’ve made sure that adding a Sylvania Roadsight camera system to your vehicle will truly improve your driving experience, offer enhanced safety features, and bring you greater peace of mind wherever you go.”

The Roadsight lineup consists of five different models, Roadsight Basic, Plus, Pro, Stealth, and Rear, to appeal to drivers with specific requirements.

The Roadsight lineup starts with the Basic model. It features a 110-degree field of view, 720p HD looped video recording, and a collision detection system. The Basic model costs $79.99.

The Roadsight Plus has a 120-degree field of view, 1080p video, improved night vision, and collision detection for $99.99.

The Roadsight Pro is the fully-equipped model and is probably the most advanced dash cam money can buy. It has a 130-degree field of view lens, GPS integration, 1296p HD video, lane-departure system, improved night sight, and collision detection for only $149.99.

Sylvania Roadsight Stealth Dash Cam
Roadsight Stealth

With its 140-degree field of view, the Roadsight Stealth has the widest field of view of any front-view camera actually on the market. However, the name “Stealth” refers to the fact that this model doesn’t have a screen display making it less intrusive than other models. Nonetheless, the Stealth still records hi-def 1440p video but will set you back a mere $159.99.

If you’d like to benefit from new active safety features found on modern vehicles, but you simply can’t get yourself to junk that old car you love so much, Sylvania’s advanced Roadsight dash cam might very well be what you are looking for!


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