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Sony Will Definitely Not Produce the Vision-S Concept

Sony Vision-S Concept

Sony sure turned heads with its new Vision-S concept, but, sadly, it will remain a concept. Sony seized the occasion to reveal the progress made on its Vision-S concept at CES 2021, showing testing videos and demonstrating the vehicle’s drivability. It didn’t take long for people to start wondering if …

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Report: Apple and Hyundai in Talks for Autonomous Vehicles

Hyundai in Talks with Apple

Apple is rumored to be developing autonomous vehicles again. According to Hyundai, it would be in preliminary talks with Apple regarding the development of autonomous cars in the future. When the stock markets closed on Friday, Hyundai’s net worth had increased by $9 billion upon confirmation of its upcoming partnership …

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Self-Driving Cars Might Increase Emissions, not Reduce Them

Autonomous vehicles in traffic

Did you know there is a chance that self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles might increase emissions instead of reducing them? This claim may seem odd and illogical at first glance, as all facts tell a different story. Because of their human nature, most drivers are anything but perfect when it …

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