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BMW Fined $18 Million for Inflating Sales Figures


The authorities caught BMW inflating sales figures to lure investors. Obviously, the Bavarian carmaker now needs to pay a fine. BMW has pulled off quite a Wolf of Wall Street move very recently. Namely, they cooked books to look palatable. However, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) found out, and the …

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BMW 128ti Is a FWD Hot-Hatch to Compete with VW Golf GTI

BMW 128ti

BMW has just announced its upcoming 128ti, a front-wheel-drive hot hatch based on the sporty 1-Series. The German automaker announced its 2021 128ti model this week, to which it’s currently just adding some finishing touches before the official release. BMW‘s ‘ti’ badge that stands for “Turismo Internazionale,” has a long …

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BMW Patents Active Aerodynamics for Motorcycles

BMW Patents Active Aerodynamics

BMW just filed patents for movable winglets mounted on a bike’s front & rear, making an entry to bring active aerodynamics to motorcycles. These actuator-controlled winglets would help manipulate downforce and reduce drag, effectively gluing the motorcycle to the road. If the active spoiler on the Mclaren P1 or the …

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