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How Diesel Engines Work | Auto Mechanic 101

Mechanic repairing a diesel engine

Ah, the dreaded diesel engine. After VW’s dieselgate scandal, people can’t stop hating them, even though they are an ingenious solution.  How is that? Well, for starters, a diesel engine is much more efficient than a gasoline engine – there is no comparison there. Furthermore, diesel produce much more torque …

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BMW and Mini Axe Many Diesel Options in Europe

BMW X5 diesel

BMW responds to the market’s shift toward electrification and cuts down diesel engines from its most popular models in Europe. In the past few years, we have seen a few car manufacturers discontinuing several diesel-powered cars’ production and sales. BMW is the latest to join the club. The reason? Europeans …

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Diesel VS Gas: Who Is The True Victor?

Asking which fuel is better between diesel or petrol is like asking which store is better between an Asda or a Teso. Both have pros, both have cons, and both have zealous believers supporting each of them. Such a topic is not as ‘black and white’ as it used to be, with …

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