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Lynk & Co Presents the Zero Concept Electric Crossover

Lynk and Co zero concept

The first Chinese electric crossover to compete with American and European EVs will soon launch at Beijing Motor Show. You might consider Lynk & Co as just another new electric vehicle startup. However, it’s actually an established brand in the Chinese market with more than 300,000 sales since 2018, currently …

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BMW i8: History, Specs And Prices

BMW i8

Over the years, the motor industry faced many trends. Some were mostly superficial while others deeply changed the automotive world. In the last decades, people started to call for stronger environmental laws to save the earth from toxic emissions created by petrol engines. Consequently, car manufacturers started to work on …

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What Is An Electric Car?

We live precisely in the age of the rise of electric mobility. Electricity starts to take over – even the beloved human-powered bicycle increasingly gets the help from a battery-powered electric motor. Electric scooters and bicycles are also becoming ubiquitous in big cities thanks to their ease of use and …

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Is the Toyota Prius a Good Used Car?

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius Hybrid launched in 2001 in the United States and has become the best selling hybrid in the world. The first generation resembled other subcompacts at the time. When most people think of the Toyota Prius, they think of the oddly-wedge-shaped liftback that debuted in 2004. Not only …

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