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Video: BMW M8 with Akrapovic Exhaust Sounds Quite Nice

Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system

Akrapovic unveiled a full exhaust kit for BMW M8 models, covering from standard to Competition and from Coupe to Grand Coupe and Convertible Choices. The wizards at Akrapovic manufacture exhaust systems for a range of high-performance cars and motorcycles and are known to infuse character while improving the soul of …

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What is a Downpipe? | Tuning 101

Car Downpipe

Turbocharging is perhaps the most critical development for tuners. Now, sure, naturally-aspirated engines still have some cult following, especially among purists. However, forced induction systems are still one of the easiest ways to significantly increase the power produced by an engine. Well, ok, maybe not the easiest, but you get …

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What Does A Performance Exhaust Do?

performance exhaust tips

It seems that car enthusiasts have an instant desire to upgrade their exhaust system after buying a car. Even if that means changing only the back tips for added style. This obsession with performance exhausts dates back from the first days of automotive racing. Wide tubes emerging from the engine …

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