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Tesla Model S EPA Range Jumps to 409 Miles

Tesla Model S

According to a Monroney sticker on one unit, Tesla’s Model S EPA range has increased to a record-high 409-miles combined. Tesla seems to be charging up for an all-out war against its rival – Lucid Air. From slashing down the Model S’s price to boosting the EPA range to push …

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Tesla Just Shortened its Used Car Warranty to 1 Year

Tesla Model X

Possibly, a move to sell more new cars, but it’s a bit anti-consumer, to say the least. Tesla has pulled off quite the stunt, this time, by downgrading its used car warranty to 1 year. Way to go on building consumer confidence and trust. This year, the company performed exceptionally …

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Revolt Creates a 533 HP Tesla Model S Crate Motor

Revolt Systems Tesla Model S crate motor

EV West and Revolt Systems created a Tesla Model S crate motor producing around 533 HP and over 800 lb-ft of torque! Unlike other offerings of the same type, Revolt packaged the crate motor in a longitudinal format. Due to this configuration, the motor comes with engine mounts compatible with …

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Tesla S vs Porsche Taycan

When it comes to electric car luxury, the Tesla S has completely dominated in a market without any competition. Seven years have passed since the introduction of the Tesla S. Now Porsche is making its entry into the electric car market with the release of the Taycan. Backed by reliable …

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