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Genesis GV70 Has a Sensor that Checks if Your Baby is Breathing

2022 Genesis GV70

Remember the time when people had to look back through their rear window to back up their cars? Now, we’ve back up cameras and automatic parking assistant. Similarly, lane-keeping assist, cruise control, collision avoidance system, and other advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are now available to drivers everywhere. And it won’t …

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Driver Assist Systems are Making Us Less Safe, According to a Study

Driver Assist Systems are Making Us Less Safe

Study reveals that drivers have become overreliant on advanced driver assist systems, paying little attention to the road ahead. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab partook in research to study how drivers approach driver-assist systems. They reviewed the driving habits of 20 Massachusetts-based …

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Škoda Patents LED Seatbelt Buckles Safer for Children

Škoda illuminated seatbelt buckles

Škoda makes strides again with a simple yet useful innovation. The Czech carmaker has long been pioneering safety technologies, and its recent addition is a glowing LED seatbelt buckle. Škoda said it mainly developed the belt buckle while keeping infants and kids in mind, ultimately making it easier for parents …

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Audi Announces C-V2X, a Technology Making Children Safer

Audi C-V2X Technology

The German carmaker develops new technologies to enhance safety around schools. Audi will collaborate with Applied Information, Temple Inc., and the Virginia Department of Transportation on an innovative safety feature, bringing significant advancements in vehicle safety and reducing road-related injuries and fatalities. The collaboration resulted in two-vehicle applications that will …

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