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Tesla Cybertruck Will Change Color When Hot

There have been a lot of debates going on regarding the color options and color availabilities of Tesla’s new Cybertruck with everyone discussing which color would look best on the futuristic new truck.

The Cybertruck is said to have an exoskeleton body made up of exposed stainless steel, which should help prevent corrosion. Its innovative design and rumors saying that the Cybertruck can even float on the water have led to over 600,000 orders being placed already.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, took it to Twitter this Sunday, claiming that the company is not gonna provide any color options for the Cybertruck other than steel. However, people who have already placed orders were quite disappointed to hear that there won’t be any color options. But, in a recent tweet, Musk specified that no color option would be offered since the Cybertruck’s steel body is capable of changing colors depending on the temperature.

It’s said that the body’s color could be changed when submitted to a heat-treating process. The metal is likely to give a straw shade color at around 200 degrees Celsius (400F). At 282 degrees Celsius, it will appear to be a shade of purple, and by 310 degrees, it will change to a beautiful, striking blue. Musk was asked which shade he would prefer in his car. He replied he would always choose “blue steel”-  people think that this is a reference to Zoolander, a 2001 comedy, where the character of Ben Stiller was known for his “Blue Steel” pose.

The Cybertruck’s unique steel body exterior is bound to take customization to a whole new level. The customers will not have to depend on the colors provided by the company as they had to before. But everything has a downside too. The truck may miss out on some fantastic color options. It would simply be impossible to have it in bright lime green, for example.

Furthermore, little details have been shared yet as of how the color-changing process would be performed, by whom, and how much it would cost. But, as with many other rumors started by Elon, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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