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Tesla Upgrades its Software to Better Detect Speed Limit Signs

Tesla has released a new version of its software to visually detect speed limit signs in order to enhance its driver-assistance system.

The manufacturer’s software update #2020.36, contains various notable changes enhancing Tesla’s system and enabling it to recognize speed limit signs and more. The update is meant to strengthen Tesla’s driver-assistance system and push its autonomous driving capability even further.

The first update is the Autosteer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning. With this feature, the vehicle releases a notification when it detects that the driver is about to run a stoplight or a stop sign when the car is in autosteer mode. However, this update is not aimed at stopping the vehicle; its task is only to generate an alert.

The next feature in the update is the Green Traffic Light Chimes, in which a chime will be heard as a notification when a traffic light turns green. If the car is in traffic behind another vehicle, the chime will play after the car (which is in front of the Tesla) moves, unless the Autosteer or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is active. On activation of Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, a chime will play when the car confirms it’s time to move as the light turns green.

The Cruise Set Speed feature has also been improved in this update. When using the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control mode, the vehicle’s speed is set according to predefined calculations and can now be adjusted to the speed limit of the area.

The Speed Assist feature also gets better as it can now read speed limit signs by using the car’s cameras. This will help the system follow the actual speed limit on local roads instead of using recorded data from GPS systems. Speed signs read will also be displayed visually to the driver.

For some time now, there have been various concerns regarding how Tesla vehicles moderated the speed limit when the Autopilot mode is enabled and how it might sometime rely on incorrect GPS data. Luckily, this software update may put a few of those questions to rest.


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