Tesla Giga Berlin Rendering

Tesla Will Redesign the Model Y at Giga Berlin

Tesla has revealed its plan to build a radically redesigned Model Y at the EV automaker’s fourth Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany.

It has been an incredibly busy year for Tesla, allowing it to build its massive Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, back in February 2020. The company wrapped up a considerable amount of work in no time and is even set to start its Model Y production by July 2021.

During his visit to the German Gigafactory still under construction, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did an unscheduled interview with a few reporters. In that discussion, he revealed various plans and details about his upcoming Model Y to be built in Berlin. He commented that this would not only be a replica of the already existing Model Y variant currently produced in the US but a radically redesigned core technology.

The EV company is also planning to transform the core structural design of the existing Model Y. While speaking to the media, Musk hinted that further details could be revealed on Battery Day.

However, Musk’s comment only got the rumor mill started. Will the entire body casting of the Model Y be made with the Giga Press Tesla ordered from China? Does a Model Y redesign mean changes in efficiency and driving range?

With that being said, Musk couldn’t help but pour even more gasoline onto the fire. He added that he is not planning to build only cars in this giant factory. Among other things, he hinted that battery cells could also be made there. And though he ‘believes in speed,’ climate change is a concerning factor too. Automakers really need to focus all their energy on converting their vehicle lineups to sustainable energy and act as quickly as possible.

The percentage of electric cars in the market isn’t huge, but Tesla Ceo appreciates iconic companies like Volkswagen for being serious about EV technology. Energy storage, energy generation, and electric vehicles are the three vital things for an eco-friendly future.

Since Musk rarely has a habit of not putting his money where is mouth is, it will surely be interesting to see what he comes up with in the future.

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