The Audi S6: Luxury Sport Perfection

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A Car Built to Impress

The Audi S6 is an elegant and powerful work of German engineering. It is manufactured by Audi and is the sportier, performance-oriented equivalent of the brand’s A6 model. Audi S6 vehicles are known for their exceptional driving performance, combining incredible speed, acceleration, handling, and luxurious feel into one driving machine. The best thing any owner can do for their car is to pick up an Audi S6 workshop manual, which will clearly illustrate how to complete maintenance and servicing needs.

If you’ve ever noticed that the Audi A6 and S6 look fairly similar, that’s because the two cars are based off the same model. The key difference is the improved hardware of the S6 model, which make it a high-performance sports car.

Each generation of Audi S6 model is based on what body platform the vehicle is built on. Since the S6 was first released in 1994, it has transitioned across four different body platforms. As Audi is part of the Volkswagen group, it was originally built on the Volkswagen C4 body platform, but is currently built on the C7 body platform. Each new body brought new changes to the appearance and performance of the model, all with the intention of creating the best luxury sports car that Audi can manufacture.

C4 (1994-1997)

The first iteration of the Audi S6 was actually just an upgraded version of the company’s first generation S4 model. It didn’t come with any performance upgrades, but featured a revamped external appearance. The car was sold as either a sedan or wagon.

Just like the previous S4, the first Audi S6 came with an option between a 2.2L five-cylinder turbo engine or a 4.2L V8. The five-cylinder was paired with either a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission depending upon which market the vehicle was purchased in, while the V8 engine actually used a 4-speed automatic transmission.

C5 (1999-2003)

The next time the S6 made an appearance was on the C5 body platform in 1999. At this point in time, the S6 was a vast improvement from previous models and began to resemble the fuller, more-robust outer style of modern Audis.

Unlike the previous generation, C5 S6 models were equipped with just one engine, a 4.2L V8. The engine was paired with either a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic. This new engine allowed the car to accel from 0-60 in just over 5.5 seconds, a whole second quicker than the C4 S6. This generation of S6s were also known for having a stiffer suspension.

It was also during the C5 era that a variant of the S6 known as the RS 6 emerged. It was first sold in 2002, and outlasted the standard C5 S6 by being sold through 2004. The RS 6 kicked the vehicle into overdrive, offering a turbocharged version of the 4.2L V8 engine. This radically improved the acceleration and speed of the vehicle, which could now reach 60 MPH in just over 4.5 seconds. The RS 6 was quite popular among Audi owners, and continued as a variant to the S6 on future body platforms.

C6 (2006-2011)

After a brief hiatus, the Audi S6 returned in 2006 on the new and improved C6 body platform from Volkswagen. The S6 model was already known for wicked speed and precise handling, but the C6 version took things to a whole new level. With the C6 Audi S6, the vehicle redefined luxury sports cars.

The S6 was now installed with an amazing 5.2L V10 engine that compares to ones used in Lamborghini Gallardo models produced the same year. The S6 engine was mechanically superior to the Lamborghini engine, which allowed the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 in just over 5 seconds. This incredible V10 engine was paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission for an unforgettable combination of power.

Towards the end of 2008, the model received cosmetic updates that make the vehicle appear sleeker. This helped to reinforce the sporty image the model is known for.

The RS 6 was also offered on the C6 body platform. RS 6s manufactured during this period are revered by car enthusiasts and are still considered an exceptionally powerful vehicle today. The C6 RS 6 once again turbocharged the standard engine, which allows for a mind-boggling 0-60 time of less than 4.5 seconds.

C7 (2012-Current)

The S6 model had become so popular that it only disappeared for a year before emerging as a companion once again to the Audi A6. It is now built on the Volkswagen C7 body platform and comes with a classier, more-refined body style.

With the new body came a brand new turbocharged V8 engine. This one has a capacity of 4.0L and produces an impressive 420 horsepower. The C7 Audi S6 uses a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, allowing a driver to use manual or automatic gear switching.

2019 models of the S6 have been slightly upgraded. The same 4.0L V8 engine has been improved to produce 450 horsepower, which now allows the newest S6 to accelerate from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds.

Audi already managed to make their S6 model world famous. With the new C7 body platform, the newest generation of S6 models hasn’t disappointed. Their continued dedicated to perfection when it comes to raw acceleration, silky-smooth handling, and luxury suited for royalty, there is no match to the Audi S6.

The RS 6 was brought back for the C7 body platform as well. It has an incredible 4.0L turbocharged V8 engine that lets the car reach 60 MPH in less than 3.7 seconds! The S7 Audi RS 6 is one of the fastest cars on the market, and certainly offers the best performance for your money.

Maintaining Your Audi S6

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When it comes to car health and maintenance, most Audi owners can appreciate the value of ensuring the performance of their vehicle. S6s are an incredible result of German design and manufacturing, but like any vehicle, they require regular maintenance to continue performing at the highest level.

One thing about Audi vehicles is that they can be fairly expensive to service. Luxury vehicles are often built with pricier parts, but their brand name will also fetch a higher price. Just because an Audi S6 is a luxury car doesn’t mean you can’t take maintenance into your own hands!

If you’ve never considered do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance on your Audi, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to gain a better understanding for your car. Without this knowledge, you may not be able to recognize when your car isn’t performing optimally.

You might not notice certain indicators that your car requires attention, which can shorten your car’s life and greatly impact performance. Taking the time to learn how and why everything functions as it does will give you a thorough understanding of just what makes your car run.

On top of knowledge, you’ll also save precious time and money that you can use on things that really matter. Car maintenance is nothing to ignore, but you don’t always have to seek out a mechanic! Especially with high-performance sports cars like the Audi S6, the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle is through careful preventative maintenance!

The best way to keep your car well-serviced is by using an Audi S6 repair manual. Even if you know nothing about cars, the clearly-detailed instructions you’ll find inside a manual will walk you through every step of the way! This will keep your Audi S6s engine in prime shape, allowing it to continue accelerating like the work of beauty it is!

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