The Five Cars That Will Make You Wish It Was 1983 Again

Ahh the 1980’s, when the automotive companies went through puberty and started making more modern and sleek looking cars. Some of the most recognizable and stylish cars were made during the 80’s, like the Lada Riva, just kidding.

In fact, the 80’s spoiled us so much that the auto industry then punished us with those things it called “cars” in the 90’s. They brought back the Reliant Robin for God’s sake. We’re still trying to forget those years…

Anyway, we’re still stuck in the 80’s and dreaming of cars like the VW Mk1 Golf and the Audi Quattro that seemed to run forever and make the ladies… ermm… stare. Yeah, it made them stare. So grab your leather pants, pop in your Adam Ant cassette and join us for a cruise down memory lane.

porsche 911

Porsche 911

Okay, if seeing a picture of a Porsche 911 doesn’t make you all giddy inside, you can leave now. Seriously, we don’t want you here. Good, now that they’re gone we can get to business.

The sleek Porsche 911 was one of the most successful production cars ever raced. Probably thanks to its air cooled rear engine. If you had a rear engine in the 80’s man, you were one cool cat.

Then in 1984, the Porsche 911 Carrera was revamped with the latest suspension, styling and a shockingly powerfully 3.2L flat six.


Audi Quattro SWB Coupe

So, in the 80’s people thought an all wheel drive car couldn’t hold its own on the track. Yeah Audi sure shut them up when it released the Quattro SWB Coupe in 1980. The car won the Manufactures rally Championship in 82’ and 84’ and Drivers rally Championship for two years in a row.

The Audi Quattro is now in crazy demand. If you see one for sale, buy it. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what it costs, these things are like gold now.

delta hf

Lancia Delta HF Intgerale

The Lancia Delta HF Intgerale is one of the few 80’s cars where you could pick up your kids from school and then win a rally championship with them screaming their heads off in the backseat. Eighties dads scared their kids and wives taking this turbo charged beast around corners way too hot and then could put the new armoire in the hatchback.

In the late 80’s they produced an 8 valve version of the car. They upgraded everything on it from a bigger turbocharger (shouldn’t all turbochargers be as big as possible anyway?) to high performance brakes.


VW Mk1 Golf

One day a bunch of engineers were sitting around a table at Volkswagen and said, “Hey, let’s take the super cheap Golf and make it into a racecar,” and they did just that. The VW Mk1 Golf allowed the average man to zip around town on his way to work and tear up the track on the weekend.

It was truly one of the most affordable fast cars of the 80’s. The car was so successful that dozens of other manufactures “borrowed” the idea.


Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

The Ford Sierra was pretty much as boring as a family car could get. Okay, well the spoiler was pretty cool we’ll you give that Ford.

However, in the late 80’s Ford decided to make the thing into an unbeatable European racing machine. Ford hired Aston Martin to make 500 of the supped up car. They revamped nearly every aspect of the car to make it track worthy. After the miserable failure of its gearbox during the first year, the Cosworth tore it up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. For some reason, they only made around 100 of the cars. But at least it came with the whale tail!

Well, there you have it. Five of the most missed and loved sports cars of the 80’s. Now take those damn leather pants off, you’re embarrassing us…

Ensure to comment and let us all know, which you owned 😉

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