The G-7 Is Phasing Out Petroleum Based Cars And Transportation, But How Fast Will It be?

I know, I thought it too. What? When did this happen and why wasn’t I informed?

In recent closed door meetings the G-7 has agreed to a final date where petroleum based cars, trucks, motorcycles and any other form of petrol fueled transportation will be eliminated.

This of course will affect tons of industries like auto repair shops and especially the little local auto repair shops as they would have to relearn and retool for everything. Believe it or not this would dramatically affect the auto insurance industry as well. Auto insurance quotes are already being developed for electric vehicles. But, as new alternate fuel source engines come onto the market this could be quite disruptive. Not to mention gas stations will either adapt or die off as well.

Yes, they are serious about it and are having all of their departments start on the plans to make it happen. This is not a fairy tale, this is reality.

Germany, The United States, France, Japan, Canada, Italy and Britain all met in a castle in Bavaria and hammered out the agreement to move forward. They then will meet to sign the official accord in Paris later this year.

Right away news agencies in Germany, The United States and others started bantering about the end of fossil fuels. They were lauding it as if it were going to a come crashing down tomorrow.

So, the big questions are;

What Did They Agree To And How Fast will It happen?

As everyone knows when Governments make these kinds of agreements they all attempt to make a bunch of wiggle room before they have to actually go sign the accord. So, nailing down exactly what they will do is not the easiest thing in the world. But here’s what we do know.

They have stated that the goal at the end of the time frame is the elimination of fossil fuels as a power source altogether. This would likely mean that if you insisted on driving a vehicle that relied on fossil fuel you could be heavily taxed for doing so. At least that has been one of the suggestions on the table to prevent home brewing your own fuels such as biodiesel or your own gasoline.

The reason you’d need to homebrew your fuel is simple. Because there would only be a few die hard fossil fuel vehicles on the road there would be no way gas stations could remain open and turn a profit. So, there would be home brewing and black market activities, one could rest assured.

Now for the big question.

When Will They Get Rid of Fossil Fuels?

They have not signed the actual accord yet, but their preliminary agreement is to have all fossil fuels phased out by the end of the century.

Now, you might say, “well, that’s a long way down the pike at the moment, nothing to concern myself with here”. However, that’s the end goal. To achieve it they would have to be at 70% or more buy the halfway mark. The reason being is that new cars that people buy have life spans. You can’t allow new cars to be sold and then tell people that next year they can’t drive them. People would have fits.

This would mean that, they will have to have a no new fossil fuel car production date of 20 to 30 years prior to the big cut off. This way people will have got their lifespan out of them and all that will be left to trade are old used cars.

Once that happens and people need a new car they would almost always opt for the new fuel cars (possibly electric). They also need time for the used car market to develop in the new fuel vehicles because not everyone can afford to go buy a brand new car just because the government says so. This naturally means that there will have to be a large used car market to facilitate this.

In order to do that they need to start pushing people towards new fuel cars within the next 10 years.

To answer the question of how fast will it happen.

No one knows yet, likely the G-7 is not even 100% sure at this time either. But, if you just back it out logically they will have to start their re-education and conditioning campaigns within the next 5 years or so to get people’s minds changed. This will get people to start changing over within 10 years, which will allow them to be at their midpoint target, that will let them hit their final goal.

Be sure to look for more information on it after the signing of the accord. They have not at the time of writing released an official date yet. Then, watch the public reconditioning campaign where they start making it feel like it’s your idea that fossil fuels are bad and their solution is good. Because once you see that start you’ll know the machine is in motion.

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