Volkswagen ID.4 interior

The Interior of the 2021 VW ID.4 Crossover is Identical to the ID.3 Hatchback

Volkswagen is prepping up for the launch of its new ID.4 e-SUV next month.

The German manufacturer just released the first pictures of the interior of the ID.4, and, by the look of it, it seems largely inspired by the ID.3’s interior. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since both vehicles share the same platform.

The dashboard, for instance, looks similar from afar. Although to be fair, there are a few minor changes. The outer air vents look more minimalistic, and the central display is integrated differently. Moreover, Volkswagen also changed the positioning of the lights control panel.

As described by Volkswagen, the ID.4’s interior is a “modern feel-good lounge” that offers ample space for passengers and cargo. Furthermore, the cabin features sustainable upholstery material and an innovative lighting system.

Along with that, the car appears more spacious when compared to regular crossovers, thanks to the electric-only MEB platform. According to VW, the rear seats of the ID.4 offer legroom usually found on higher-category SUVs. Additionally, the electric crossover utilizes large door openings to aid entry. Meanwhile, the floating dash panel and optional tilting panoramic sunroof add a sense of airiness.

Another feather in the car’s comfort hat is the seal of approval awarded to the ID.4 1ST Max limited edition by the German Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR). Add to that several electric adjustment options and a built-in massage function with pneumatic lumbar supports, and you have a very relaxing place to be.

However, only time will tell if Volkswagen’s investment of 11 billion €  in electric mobility will prove its worth. As of now, though, all eyes are on the ID.4’s launch on September 23rd.


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