Tractor Lap the Nürburgring

Video: Here’s How Fast a Tractor Can Lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Nürburgring regularly hosts some of the most iconic races in the world is also used as a benchmark for every car manufacturer to test their vehicles’ performance. It has seen all sorts of different cars, trucks, and prototypes over the years. However, this one was a first!

Racing driver Christian Menzel drove around in a huge Claas Zerion front-cab tractor on the Nordschleife race track, achieving a time nothing but hilarious compared to the tracks’ records in recent years.

Clocking a top speed of 53kmph (33mph), the tractor took an incredibly long time to complete just a single lap as the Green Hell witnessed its slowest lap ever!

The driver and his recording team had more than enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty the Nürburgring has to offer. Still, as can be seen in the video itself, the aforementioned tractor doesn’t handle corners very well. This obviously was a comedic ride around the park for them, but maneuvering a huge machine on such tough corners did make their overall experience enjoyable with a hint of terrifying unexpected moments!

One of the most exciting bits of the video includes watching the truck tackle one of the most famous corners in the racing world – the karoussell. Most racers find it hard to tackle it efficiently in their first time on the track, and that is with custom-built racecars. Just imagine how hard it is to do the same in a tractor weighing close to 4000 lbs!



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