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Video: Watch A Tesla Model 3 Chase A Porsche Taycan On the Nürburgring

A new Tesla vs. Porsche video has surfaced, and it showcases the Model 3 Performance in all its glory.

Gone are the days when electric cars were the go-to ride for tree-huggers and light-hearted simpletons. All-electric vehicles, once thought to be boring rides, recently became some of the quickest cars on the planet.

In this video, we get a glimpse of two excellent EVs, namely the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model 3 Performance, competing on the iconic German Nürburgring racetrack.

Although it’s common knowledge that the Taycan is the fastest electric sedan, the Model 3 Performance isn’t a complete loser. Actually, it performs quite nicely on the challenging German track.

There is one thing that didn’t impress us, though. The battery percentage of the Tesla Model 3 fell by about 42% after completing just two laps. As seen in the video, the American EV starts at 95% and finishes at 53%. A good reminder that EV-range is very dependent on how the car is driven.

Accused of lacking thrill when compared to their gas-powered counterparts, these cars at least prove that EVs have evolved dramatically. This development feels very exciting and brings a lot of promise for a sustainable and exhilarating future.

Now, sure, the Tesla Model 3 Performance still couldn’t match the Porsche Taycan on the Green Hell. And, that is even with all the customization options for better handling.

All things considered, though, the Porsche all-electric did receive a good fight in the end. And, in all fairness, the Taycan would better compare with the quicker Tesla Model S instead of the Model 3.


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