Volvo drops new cars from 30 metres crane

Volvo Crash Tests Include Dropping Vehicles from a 100-ft Crane

Volvo really doesn’t want to give up the safety crown!

If there is one thing Volvo is famous for, it’s safety. The Swedish carmaker produces tough cars that keep passengers isolated and safe during a collision. To make sure of that, Volvo used to conduct various standard laboratory crash tests. However, it seems they weren’t satisfied with the hardness of those tests.

In a video that has surfaced over the internet, Volvo performs a series of crash tests on ten brand-new vehicles, using a special impact site with cameras all around. Swedish first responders were also present.

The most interesting thing is that they dropped the cars from 100 feet (30 meters) crane. But why? Well, according to Volvo, the impact of dropping a car from this height is almost similar to the impact when your car gets hit by a truck at high speeds. There is a very high chance of critical injuries for the passengers inside the car in such accidents.

Surprisingly, Volvo didn’t conduct these tests to prove how durable its cars are. Instead, the tests were performed to train rescue workers for serious accidents. The carmaker specifically designed the test to teach them how to rescue people from a damaged or crashed vehicle quickly.

Volvo has a dream of making roads safe for everyone, and with this crash test, it has shown the world that it’s willing to do everything it can to achieve that dream.

Now, take a minute to watch the video, at least once. It’s worth a watch.


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