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VW Prepares a Premium Electric Vehicle with Porsche Taycan Technology

Volkswagen plans to step-up its electrification bid, with Porche and Audi laboring to develop a premium electric vehicle platform for the future.

Dubbed as the Premium Platform Electric or PPE, the platform represents a superior version of VW’s MEB platform.

Porsche and Audi, the German automaker’s subsidiary companies, are reportedly developing this premium platform, intended to be used in medium-to-large-sized vehicles produced by the company. In essence, the PPE platforms would support sedans and SUVs, along with a few premium models in the future.

An advanced version of modern technology is what Volkswagen aims to get in its future EV models. However, reports suggest that the company would still seek to keep its image of producing “affordable people’s models” intact.

Volkswagen Group of America’s President and CEO, Scott Keogh, stated, “The important thing for us, honestly, is we’re fanatical about making electrification approachable and of course hitting our price points. If we can hit that holy grail of getting more scale out of that platform and still hitting our price points, that’s certainly something we’ll look at, and [there are] a couple of projects on that platform that we’re looking at as well, but nothing we’re announcing just yet.”

This statement comes right after the automaker unveiled the US-market bound Volkswagen’s ID.4 electric crossover.

The company is definitely preparing itself for the future as its efforts into developing EV models are already in full swing. In addition to creating a premium platform for its upcoming EVs, Volkswagen has also been busy acquiring rights for naming its future EV models.

As of now, the market share of electric vehicles is expected to increase by an estimated 15 percent by the end of 2025. Furthermore, this number is expected to reach an astonishing 50 percent by 2040. Needless to say, current market statistics and future predictions must have played a significant role in the overhaul of Volkswagen’s EV plans for the future.

Source: CarBuzz

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