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What Is The Best Key Organizer?

Keys play a critical role in your everyday life. Whether you need them for work, home, or for driving your car, there’s definitely a lot that keys give you access to. But sometimes, you may have more keys on your keyring than it can handle! Nobody likes sorting through a jumbled mess of keys to find the exact one they need. With a keyring organizer, you can keep all your keys neat and orderly to eliminate all the hassle! We’ll cover the best ways to organize your bulky keyring below. 

Would a Key Organizer Help You?

Multiple keys on wall-mounted key hooks

Before you leave your house every day, there are three main items that you typically want to have with you. This includes your phone, wallet, and keys. Of the three, your keys are almost always the bulkiest, most inconvenient item to carry around. Sure, you may have all the keys you need on a single keyring, but keys tend to shift around and get jumbled, creating a giant mess rather than an organized system.

If you want the best way to carry a lot of keys, you have to think beyond just using a keyring. There are multiple ways to keep your keys organized, but how you approach it depends on your key situation. Using a combination of multiple methods is the best way to do so, allowing you to quickly grab the right key every time you need it. 

How to Organize a Key Ring

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Before you look for a key organizer, the first thing that you’ll want to do is actually take all of your keys and accessories off of your key ring. Once all of your keys are separated, you can now start to analyze them. As you look at each key, answer the following questions in your head:

  • What Do I Use This Key For? Is it used to open your front door? Does it unlock and start your car? Or perhaps it’s for a PO box, safety deposit box, or maybe for a storage shed? If you have a key on your keyring, it should definitely have a direct purpose that you need it for.
  • How Often Do I Use This Key? Do you use it every day, every other day, or maybe just once a month? At this point, you should place individual keys into groups based on how frequently you need them. Daily and even weekly keys can be kept together, but others that you use infrequently should be kept in another group altogether to minimize clutter.
  • Do I Need This Key/Accessory? Is this item on your keychain actually a key? Or is it a bottle opener, grocery card, or another accessory? There may be several keys and accessories on your keyring that you don’t even need at all. Anything that you don’t need on your keyring is simply taking up space and adding to the mess.

Separate all of the keys you have into groups. Keep anything that you don’t need in one pile. For the keys that you do use, split them up into frequent and infrequent use. Once you’ve done this, you will start to notice just how few keys actually need to go on your keyring, but the organization doesn’t stop there!

How to Organize A Keychain Collection

The best way to organize keys on a keychain is by ensuring that only the necessary keys are on it. With accessories and infrequently use keys, you will spend more time fumbling through them to find the key that you do want. Now you should have around a dozen keys or less, making your keyring much more manageable. 

You can take things a step further by using a labeling system to easily distinguish between keys without needing to fully identify the one that you need. Organizing your keyring is very easy when you have a color-coded system to keep keys separate. There are two easy ways of doing this. 

The first method involves getting copies of your keys made using keys that have colored caps on the end. This is useful because your actual key will look different and it also makes your original keyset useful as a backup in case you lose your new keys. 

Keys organized by color codes and tags

Alternatively, you can also purchase different-colored plastic tabs with holes on either end. These are designed so that there is a section of plastic that you can apply a label to, allowing you to write what the key is used for. You might like this a little better because it offers you two great ways of organizing your keys. 

Each plastic tab can go onto your main keyring to help you easily choose the right key, but you can also use each tab as its own individual keyring. If you have furniture near your door with multiple pegs/hooks (think something like a wall-mounted key holder), then you can hang all your individually labeled tabs on the hooks rather than grouping them together. Doing this will let you be a true minimalist, only needing to grab the exact keys you need for each outing.


What About Building Keys and Key Fobs?

Multiple keys stored in a key cabinet

Keeping residential and personal-use keys organized isn’t terribly difficult to do. However, if you are wondering how to organize building keys, this becomes a little more challenging. Generally speaking, you aren’t able to remove any keys from the keyring (declutter), nor can you create different-colored copies. Instead, your best solution is to actually obtain an organized key cabinet. Key cabinets are a small box with several individual hooks for keys on them.  

This works best when you have numbered/labeled tags attached to each key to distinguish between them. You can then hang each key up individually inside the cabinet. For clarity’s sake, you should create a physical or digital chart indicating what each number/label corresponds to. Best of all, you can keep all keys safe when not in use because the key cabinet can be locked and opened with a key of its own.

Another situation you may encounter is trying to manage key fobs. Key fobs are not like traditional metal keys, but they are still a key because you need them to access something. Unlike metal keys, most key fobs are read by a digital scanner to open doors rather than physically being inserted. As a result, most key fobs are shaped much differently than a traditional metal key.

This isn’t necessarily an issue, but it makes things a little tricky when you are trying to stay organized. The best way to carry key fob attachments is to separate them from your metal keys entirely. You can keep them all on one keychain, allowing for less confusion when you go to use a key later. Even better, key fobs have a convenient place to attach to on the KeySmart organizer mentioned below! 

The Best Key Organizer

Keysmart key organizer

If you are someone who enjoys finding creative ways to stay organized, enjoy tactful accessories, or maybe you just hate clutter, then a better keyring is a necessity for you! No matter who you are or what you do, there are definitely much better ways to spend your time than by fussing with a messy keyring. 

Taking the time to analyze your keys and figure out which are really necessary for your daily life is a great way of minimizing the number of items on your keyring. Looking further to see just how often you use each key will let you make multiple keyrings so that you aren’t always carrying around every single key you might need. Adding the use of color-coding is a fantastic way of visually identifying the right keys without needing to look closely.

If you only care about using the best keyring system around, then you don’t need to look any further than the KeySmart keyring organizer! It is designed so you can conveniently fold your keys into the tool. The keys don’t move around once inside, which means that you won’t ever get poked in the leg or hear the iconic jingle of keys in your pocket.

Check out the KeySmart organizer today to keep your 14 most important keys organized in style!


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